Do you love the outdoors and the smell of sunscreen? Do you have way too many hobbies? Are some of your favorite people pint-sized? Are you looking for a summer job that you can actually get excited about?

Maple Key Day Camp isn’t looking for employees - we’re looking for new members of our extended family. If you’re ready to make a commitment to building a meaningful summer for children in the beautiful outdoors, we want to hear from you! Couch potatoes and phone-addicts need not apply – the ideal candidates will be energetic and emotionally intelligent, with an interest in sharing friendship & new skills with our community’s next generation.

  • Free lunch daily

  • Valuable work experience

  • Staff recs and organized social events

  • Mentoring program and career coaching

  • The coffee pot is always on!

  • No need to exercise after work - your whole day is a workout!

  • Abby

    Counselor 2013, Programmer 2014

    “ Maple Key made me happy; the kids were a constant joy, and the staff I was blessed to work with were the most supportive and encouraging team that I’ve ever been a part of. ”

  • Aleisha

    Counselor 2014, Programmer 2015

    “ Once the summer is over, looking back on all you have accomplished, you won’t be able to believe how much you’ve grown. ”

  • Court

    Programmer 2009, 2010, Ongoing Occasional Support

    “ Maple Key Day Camp is a place where staff and campers form a true bond. When I am a parent, my child WILL definitely go to MKDC… I wouldn’t even think twice about it! ”